My Thoughts

Welcome To My World!

I feel like I’m always reinventing myself and my blog. This will be an introduction to my life and me!

Here are 10 things about me 🙂i00753

1. I am a Junior in college

2. I am a very proud Nigerian

3. My family is awesome and because of their awesomeness I can’t wait to have a family that is great as well.

4. I love to sing, but I have stage fright!

5. I love photography, the beauty and the ability to capture a moment and keep it forever is awesome.

6. I have wonderful friends who love and inspire me to better things.

7. The most important thing is that I have a faith in Christ that motivates my everything and though I am not in the place where I want to be, I am striving to be the woman who God has made me.

I decided to start this blog because I realized that as a college student, I am going to be learning a lot. Of course my learning is not restricted to the classroom, but encompasses the life that I am living and the relationships that I am making. So I’m going to give a short spiel about myself. I am a Nigerian-American and I say that with pride. It’s funny that I would choose to use this as an outlet to release my emotions, because just getting me to do my homework is hard, but I’m not doing this to have followers, but so that I can have somewhere to say the things that I fear saying out loud. With the realization that I am a college student involved in many things, there is no doubt that I might go a long time without writing in here, but when I do, I promise that it will be with full honesty. If no one else reads this but me, I am okay with that as well, but if some does read it, keep in mind that you are free to comment and in fact I urge you to comment.

In addition to being a college student, I am also a Christian. One that makes mistakes and can be pretty stupid, but I try to live life the way that Christ has called me to. That as well is a learning process, but I am pretty blessed to have a huge support system, people who help me to keep on track and not forget the blessings that I have in life.

I am a musician, and no I don’t play an instrument, although I would love to learn.  I use my voice to express my emotions and release stress. This year, I came to the realization by talking to a few friends, that my life without music is not very fulfilling, so If I post links to songs that I like to listen to, just bear with me. I tend to like all sorts of music, from country, to rock, to rap, to jazz. I just can’t stand screamo or death metal, but if you like it, hey it’s your ears.

Be ready, cause here we go.


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