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Winter Fun Time!

If you can’t tell by my title, I’m on winter break!!!! It’s a blessing to me, because after the semester that I had,  I needed time to chill. Even though my break is half way through, the time that I have spent with people has been a blessing. Of course because I love photography, my trusty camera went everywhere with me 🙂

These are my best friends in the world, I have yet to meet people who I feel as comfortable with, as I do with them. As you can tell we laugh a lot and even though we are separated for the majority of the year…Kansas, Texas, Indiana and Minnesota, we try to have a sleep over when we can. This picture was taken at church the morning after we stayed up until 6 am! I think we might have been delirious by then 🙂
They are so weird, but I love that college hasn’t changed us

I got to sleep over with my friends and after hours and hours of talking and laughing, we knocked out around 5:30 in the morning. I am more than blessed to have them as friendsImage

To add to the fun of my break, it was time for our end of the year three-day prayer and fast. Growing up I disliked it so much, partly because I hated fasting, but also because I didn’t realize the importance of prayer and what it does for the spirit. Now I look forward to it, and it’s also a time to see my babies!

Pastor mom, when she preaches, I get tears in my eyes because I want to be as on fire as she is 🙂



I absolutely love these kids, they wear me out and are so funny, not to mention adorable. They’re my sweeties!

They wanted to pose

Not only did we welcome in the year with prayer, but my father had a birthday as well as one of my buddies up thereI'm a daddy's girl to the max!

I’m a daddy’s girl to the max.

relaxing after going to eat and watching the dark knight rises
relaxing after going to eat and watching the dark knight rises

I am excited for how it’s going to continue and happy for the moments that I have experienced.


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