My Thoughts, Style

My Wish List

I love clothes and I have to thank my mom for teaching me how to shop with good deals. I love browsing stores for things and online stores. I’ve decided to make posts on what I want. Also my birthday is coming up, so….

This dress is gorgeous, I love the colors and I want it so much. I am starting to love pastel colors like this and the collar is gorgeous.

Again the pastel colors are making me happy, and I can imagine wearing this once spring hits…

!!!! I want combat boots, I mean look at this pair right here, and the beauty that it is, I’ve been looking for them in stores, because when it comes to shoes, I don’t buy them online and I have never seen any that I want.

I love anything Maxi; dresses and skirts, and so I always want that. I’m in need of new maxi skirts and I hope someone buys me some 😉

Look at these babies, are they not adorable? They look so comfy and I’ve heard that TOMS are great. These are definitely on my list of things that I wish I had.


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