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My Lovely Bucket List Challenge

Hey guys,


So I decided that to celebrate the fact that I will be turning 2 decades (by God’s grace) it would be a great time to update my bucket list. The problem is that I don’t have many ideas, and that is where you the readers of this blog come in.


I am asking you to help me make a list of things to do by  the time I turn 3 decades old. I want things that are fun, won’t go against my values (side eying you people who are trying to corrupt me) and will be good memories for me when I’m gray and wrinkly (not happening) . Comment on this post in the comment area below, with ideas for me, and on my birthday I’ll post up the full list of 20 things that I chose.


Share with friends, and thank you in advance. Here is what I have already.


R3-30 Bucket List


My 2 decade Bucket List:
1. See Andrea Bocelli in concert
2. See Michael Buble in concert


remember be imaginative 🙂



Don't forget you can share your ideas with me below :)

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