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No Confusion Zone

My God doesn't cause Confusion.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that the confusion that I am feeling about life/my future/school/relationships is not from God. A loving father doesn’t cause frustration or confusion to his children. Instead he is a giver of peace, and contentment. I’m realizing that the confusion that I am feeling is because I don’t listen to God about these things. I’m constantly asking him to help me out but I never just rest and listen and God has told me to rest, because he’s in control. In this fast paced world. we are always trying to get the answers immediately and sometimes the answer that we have is not for the moment that we are in. God is teaching me to be patient, because if I really think about it, some of the things that I am praying about are things that I am not ready for yet. It’s actually out of Love that he makes me wait, because he knows my future and knows what I can handle.


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