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Let’s Stay Together

It’s funny to me how life changes.

When I was younger, my best friends meant the world to me. We would talk about getting married and being bridesmaids at each others weddings, we would make these plans for the future. In church we would write in these notebooks and we would make lists of cute guys and just goof off instead of paying attention. We would sing songs together and act crazy when we would get together. These girls were the ones who got me out of my shell, and helped me to become who I am now.

Sometimes I get really sad because we have gone our separate ways. In the process of growing up our friendship changed and now we aren’t as close as we used to be. I’ve made some pretty cool friendships the older I’ve gotten, but these guys were the ones who taught me about the meaning of friendships. When I moved to this country, I never would have imagined that these guys would be my best friends for so long. I remember meeting them in kid’s church like it was yesterday and the beginning of our journey together. The times in youth group, the trips to youth convention and camp and everything in between. The meshing of so many personalities is what made our friendship so spectacular and I think it made us grow and learn a lot more than anything

I can remember times when I was stressed out and I could call one of these girls or text them and get a word of encouragement or something funny to lift my spirits. I laugh sometimes when I look back because we never thought about the fact that at one point our friendship would change and we would lose sight of each other. I have no doubt that our friendship was not perfect and I probably made my share of mistakes in our relationship that drove them crazy, but as I’ve said before I am not perfect and perfection is overrated.  A lot of times I thank God for Facebook because it helps me to feel like I’m still a part of their lives, but I do miss them a lot. Even though we aren’t as close to each other as we used to be, we’ve gotten into fights and our friendships are not the same, I hope they know that no matter where we go, or how old we get the moments that we shared will be with me forever.

Thank you for showing a me kindness, love, beauty, hope, happiness and most of all the importance of friendship. I love you guys and I miss you.

Let's Stay Together


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