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Burn out Relief- The get unstressed challenge

Happy Friday!!!

Its been a while since I’ve written, but I’ve fought the fight to not burn out at school. Thankfully spring break came this week, just in time and now that I’ve relaxed and slept, I think that everything should be back to normal, and the need to cry all the time should be gone now.

I was thinking about ways to prevent burnout or relieve it. For those of you who have never felt burnout(burnt-out??) I can promise you that it sucks. For the past few weeks the stress of everything(my future, my personal life, not sleeping well, trying to handle work) finally accumulated into a few crying sessions. Suddenly I hated school, and the town that I lived in and wanted to get out of there, as I said spring break came in time.

I realize though that as the semester is coming to a close, the stress will continue and I need an effective way to help me find relief. So here are the things that I plan on doing when I’m starting to feel overly stressed.

1. Breathe… I know it sounds easy but there are times where I find myself trying to get everything done in as much time as I can and it makes me freak out. 18 credits, 2 jobs and other responsibilities pile up and remembering that it is not going to kill me if I relax is very important.

2. Take time out each day to do something that isn’t serious…I think that we forget that we can enjoy our lives and sometimes I know that my ambition gets in the way of me enjoying my life, so now I’m determined to do something, anything that will make me laugh and let me have fun. If that means dancing around my apartment for 30 minutes with reckless abandon, or hanging out with friends doing something ridiculous, or watching something funny, that’s what I have to do.

3. Be healthy…when you’re in a hurry, it is very hard to be health, but it’s necessary. Looking back at my eating, sleeping and active habits, I can tell you that the moments when I was feeling the most burnt out were the ones where I was eating unhealthy things, sleeping very little and not being active at all.

4. Time management…Argh this is a struggle. In my attempt to be on top of everything, I would end up doing two weeks of homework in 3 days. While it felt nice to be productive and on top of my work, it made me so stressed out when I couldn’t do everything and reduced the …if you’re doing this, STOP IT.

5. Find a hobby…whether it is knitting, or playing an instrument, throwing a Frisbee, watching movies, find something that helps you to relax and do it. Learn a new skill. Make sure that this hobby relaxes you and doesn’t add stress though!

6. Find 5 joyful things in your day and focus on those…it’s really easy to be pessimistic and focus on what wasn’t accomplished instead of what made you happy. Try to focus on things that will bring you joy, whether its something that someone said, or a compliment that you paid someone. Each day write down the things that made you happy, made you laugh, made you want to dance…whatever. Just do it, once we stop being so serious we enjoy life more.

7. Most importantly…Spend time with God. When we’re stressed out, we forget to run to him and ask for peace. He’s the giver of purpose and talent and peace. 🙂

What do you think? What do you do when you’re stressed out?


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