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5 things that brought me joy today

So I said that to help lessen my stress, I would find 5 things that caused me joy each day and focus on that instead of what was making me stressed out. Here are the 5 things.

1. My hair.

I’ve been natural all my life, but I didn’t start taking care of my hair until the summer after my freshman year in college. I love that I don’t care anymore about whether people like natural hair. I decided to wash my hair and my hair loved me for it.

Before washing
Before washing
I washed it and it shrunk down

2. No snow last night. Minnesota has had a long winter and there was expectation for snow yesterday, but I saw none and it made me happy. I am so tired of winter.

3. I woke up feeling well rested, and not stressed out this morning. Spring break was at the right time.

4. People complimented my hair today, I know this is ridiculous to some people but there is nothing like a compliment to brighten your day.

5. I am done with all my homework for the night….again its the little things that can influence your day.

What are 5 things that made you happy today?


Don't forget you can share your ideas with me below :)

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