Tropical Sophistication- Ella and Gabby

I chose some things from the Ella & Gabby A/W 2013 Collection Look-book that I enjoy. I honestly feel like there are different things that can please different people, depending on what they like. There are somethings that are just a burst of color, which I love, and some that are more tame and elegant. I think that these can flatter just about anybody and for those that can’t afford it (me!) can serve as inspiration.

don’t forget to tell me your favourite below 🙂 and check out their site here

This is by far my favourite, I love long flowy dresses and this just screams sophistication to me

Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-BellaNaija-May2013001 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-BellaNaija-May20130011 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-BellaNaija-May20130013 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-BellaNaija-May20130015 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-BellaNaija-May20130018  Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-BellaNaija-May2013002 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-BellaNaija-May20130020 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-BellaNaija-May2013003 Ella-Gabby-AW-2013-Collection-BellaNaija-May2013004

Photography: Moussa Moussa
Styling: Ezinne Chinkata
Hair: Ola
Make-up: House of Tara


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