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I want to be friends with…Solange

If there is one musician/celebrity that I obsess over it would be Solange Knowles.

To be honest I prefer her over her sister Beyoncé, because she seems more like someone who I could relate to, and have fun with.

She’s fashionable

She’s Unapologetic

She’s Unique

Her hair game has been on point since she went natural. Whether it’s a big fro or a twa she does it with style

Tide and Venus Williams Launch New Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport

Rock an Afro.

Her Music is great, if you haven’t listened, you should. I dislike when people compare her to her sister, because they have different musical styles and are both talented in them.

Her style is eclectic, and when she wears yellow, its beautiful. Yellow is my favourite colour and not a lot of people are willing to risk wearing it 😦 , but she does and does it well.

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Seriously though, I could go on about her all day.


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