Music: The Return of Girl Groups!

I don’t know when it happened, but apparently girl groups are coming back. Either I’ve been sleeping or under a rock, or I just haven’t paid attention. Even though I’m 20, I still love a good girl group that I can dance to in my apartment. Obviously we know about One Direction, but it is nice to see girls having people to look up to in the music industry that aren’t sketch. So in this post I’ve added music from groups that I have just discovered and can honestly say that I like…

1. Little Mix- This British female version of One Direction is being called the next “spice girls” Their fans call themselves “Mixers” what is up with all these names?

2. Fifth Harmony – I got to watch them become a group on X Factor USA and I loved them, they have such distinct voices but they work well together. They got a shout out from Ed Sheeran after doing a cover of his song Lego House

3. Stooshe- I love that they give this old school 60s sound, they’re fun and make me think of S Club 7 a little bit, and I love their accents 🙂

4. The Saturdays- I had to include them, I’ve been a fan for a while, and now they are preparing to release an album in the US.

5. The Staves- not every girl group is bubblegum pop sounding, this group has an indie sound to them and I love it.

There are many girl groups out there, from kpop to second generation pussycat dolls and I hope you find one that makes you happy because they are here to stay


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