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Comparission Kills


This quote is so relevant to my life now, and it makes me a bit sad. I see it all the time not only in myself but in others, and I completely understand how much of a struggle it is to change your thoughts. There is this weird tendency to always look at someone else and decide that because they are at a different level, you have failed or should quit. That is so not true. There is always going to be somebody who is better than you, at something and learning how to be okay with it, and not beat yourself over it, will save you so much heartache. Whether it is someone who can sing better, or is a better photographer, blogger, evangelist, christian, friend…you have to remember that as long as you’re trying your best, you have no other choice but to leave it up to God. It’s so hard for me sometimes, to stop comparing, especially when the talent that I am comparing is something that I want to be brilliant at with all of my soul.

Comparison kills your ability to be happy for someone else when they have achieved.

Comparison kills you ability to Love people, because you are clouded by Jealousy.

Comparison takes away your joy, and peace, and can make you look petty.

We’re humans, we feel inadequate sometimes, but remember that you’re special, you’re You, you were formed in the image of the loving father to will glorify him. Focus on the fact that these skills, whether it is writing or music or whatever, bring you joy 🙂 Life is too short to be miserable because you’re comparing yourself to someone else.



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