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I want to be friends with…Tiwa Savage

Last month (I think) I blogged about my love for Solange Knowles. Now I’m inspired again to blog about someone who I think would be awesome to know. I remember when I started to get into Nigerian music, I was frustrated because it seemed like all that I saw were male musicians, and I wanted more women that could empower, and sing about things that made sense to me as a female. Then Tiwa Savage happened, and I smiled and sang and danced and thought of how cool she was.

Tiwa has been in the music business for a while, she toured as a back up singer for people like Kelly Clarkson, and Mary J Blige. She auditioned for the X-Factor, has written songs for other artists, and sang back up for Whitney Houston’s cd I look to you.  The girl knows what she’s doing and I am so happy that someone with talent is being recognized.

 This is one of my favourite love songs, and I love that it’s in yoruba 🙂

 She recently released her first solo album, and I’ve been bumping this song like nobody’s business. It’s fire. Will someone tell me the meaning of Eminado?

She’s also stylish, whether it’s iro and buba or something more western, she does it with flare.

tiwa-1 BN-Exclusive_-City-People-Entertainment-Awards-July-2013-BellaNaija-071-397x600  Tiwa-Savages-Once-Upon-a-Time-Album-Listening-Party-in-Lagos-May-2013-3  t-9  tiwa-savage-at-the-headies-2011


Can someone tell me how she manages to look like she’s glowing all the time. Whoever does her make up knows what they are doing.


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