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What’s in a name

Have you ever thought of your name and what it means, and what your parents wanted for your life with your name.

I love names, and I love knowing what the names of people mean. My culture is definitely one that believes that the name that you give a child is important, which is why we have these elaborate naming procedures.

I looked up my name again recently, and I couldn’t stop smiling because of the beauty of what it means. Eunice means Good Victory, but when the Greek meaning comes into play it is: Good victory, joyous victory. she conquers. I was made, created to have joyous victory, and as I’m going into this school year, I am more than excited because I will conquer it, and I will have joyous victory.

I looked up people with my name and did you know that the great Nina Simone was born with the name Eunice?


What’s in your name?


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