Reflexion Optique – Vlisco

Vlisco, oh vlisco, no other print company has ever made me as excited as I get when they release new prints, and ideas. Reflexion Optique is the newest collection from this Fabric company, and even though you can’t buy clothes pre-sewn ( I think), at least you have options to take to the tailor. I appreciate the creativity and different facets of their collection and I hope you do too. Vlisco-Reflexion-Optique-Collection-Campaign-BellaNaija-September-2013-8-600x303 Vlisco-Reflexion-Optique-Collection-Campaign-BellaNaija-September-2013-3-600x287 Vlisco-Reflexion-Optique-Collection-Campaign-BellaNaija-September-2013-7-600x332 Vlisco-Reflexion-Optique-Collection-Campaign-BellaNaija-September-2013-9-600x449 Vlisco-Reflexion-Optique-Collection-Campaign-BellaNaija-September-2013-11-600x449 Vlisco-Reflexion-Optique-Collection-Campaign-BellaNaija-September-2013-12-600x449 Vlisco-Reflexion-Optique-Collection-Campaign-BellaNaija-September-2013-17-600x449 Vlisco-Reflexion-Optique-Collection-Campaign-BellaNaija-September-2013-15-600x449 Vlisco-Reflexion-Optique-Collection-Campaign-BellaNaija-September-2013-13-600x449

Photo Cred: Vlisco



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