My Thoughts, Things That Bring Joy

Friday Rambles


I’ve been thinking about the blessings that healthy relationships bring into my life. The moments of support, of joy, of feeling that you aren’t alone, those moments that make you thankful for those in your life. I’ve been thinking about my family and how much I love them. How sometimes it’s hard but God gives us grace to love each other. I’ve been thinking of how far we’ve come, regarding communication, and forgiveness, and accountability.

I’ve been thinking of friendships, and how sometimes we think we only need family, when our friends offer something that sometimes family can’t give. I’ve been thinking of how I’ve been blessed to love and be loved by friends. I’ve been thinking about the freedom that comes from that love, the kind of freedom that allows you to be silly, and loud, and obnoxious, something that you’re too scared to do when the world is watching.
I’ve been thinking about forgiveness and how it cleanses you, and makes you feel whole. How it takes away that tree of bitterness that anger and hate can create. I’ve been thinking about love and how sometimes being told that we are loved is all we need to heal from emotional scars. How there is a correct way to love and be loved. Most of all I’ve been thinking about how much God in his sovereignty has blessed me with people I can look up to, and seek counsel from, people who let me love them, and who love me, people who pray for me, and who in the middle of my busyness cause me to stop and pray for them as well. People who let me know that I don’t have to be someone else to be loved, people who through their lives cause me to cry with joy and sometimes with sadness. People who remind me that even though I feel misunderstood and sometimes like an outcast, I matter. All in all,  I’ve been thinking of how regardless of distance, regardless of miles and oceans that separate us, the people who impact you stick with your heart.20131004-012015.jpg


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