Fall Inspiration

Let me be honest, I don’t like fall. It’s cold, and dreary and means that winter is on its way. If you live in Minnesota, you can understand why I don’t care for winter at all. Last year, we had snow in May! which was totally ridiculous.

The thing about the cold is that it reduces my desire to put any effort in how I look. If I had my way, I would carry my blanket everywhere with me, and where the largest most comfortable sweatshirt that I could find. I’m so lazy in the fall/winter that I find myself taking showers in the dark, so that I can wake up. I decided that I needed inspiration for fall wear, outfits that are comfortable, but look like you put some sort of effort into them. Like I said, I am super into comfy, over-sized, layers.
So here you go:

fall-fahsion-5 a85 a59b9cf6b05680d8bb3d080e76151588 tumblr_mfey45aWWy1qb7k4ro1_400 tumblr_lwnpf9ahoJ1r4bizoo1_400 tumblr_muxlby2ugq1qkbtjno3_400 tumblr_muozbg1TAo1qim5cso1_400 tumblr_muov0fajaB1skzqqzo1_400

These photos are a courtesy of my tumblr and pinterest, I am not any of these people, nor do I own their pictures.



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