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Throwback Thursday: Jesse McCartney

Before Justin Bieber, and Austin Mahone, and Cody Simpson, there was Jesse McCartney. He in my opinion is so much better than these current teen idols. While Justin Bieber sings about “Never Say Never” or “Baby” Jesse serenaded my teenage ears with “Beautiful Soul” and “Good Life”

I remember how much I loved listening to Beautiful Soul as a middle schooler, because it felt like Jesse was telling me that looks didn’t matter as long as I had a kind heart, and  I don’t know any middle school girls who didn’t need to hear that. I’m not a Justin fan, because I think he tries to hard, where Jesse just was. So in honor of Throwback Thursday, here are my five favourite Jesse McCartney song, in no particular order. If you weren’t a fan…boo

1. She’s No You

2. Because You Live

3. Get Your Shine On

4. Good Life

5. Beautiful Soul – Otherwise known as the holy grail of Jesse McCartneyism

Look at those eyes, look at that jaw, swoon!

JesseMcCartney 9550609662


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