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Every girl is born with a brain

I just had to applaud the writer of this, I saw the comic that started all of this and I found myself agreeing with it. It’s disturbing to me that half-naked women are now considered the norm in music, and that my generation doesn’t seem shocked by it. I love music, and I love the power that it has, but when little girls are asking for thongs at the age of 10, slapping their butts, or twerking on walls,  it means that something is wrong. I think that we owe it to ourselves to not settle for things that objectify women, and causes little girls to think that it’s okay to parade around half-naked to gain attention. I shouldn’t have to worry that my 15-year-old sister is growing up with a warped view of what her role is in this society. I know that she is being raised well at home, but what she sees when she leaves the house, when she’s on Facebook, YouTube, or vine shouldn’t fill me with anxiety. We have this idea that it’s all on the parents, but I disagree. Parents play a huge role, but they can’t watch their kids 24/7. It’s time to hold those who we put in the public to a standard that we expect for our girls.


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