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Monday Inspiration

It’s Monday, and if you’re like me, you need something to pick you up as you get closer to the joy that is Thanksgiving! I decided to bring some joy onto my blog today. Below I’ve posted songs, videos, pictures, anything that I could think of to bring a little inspiration and pep into your step. Tell me what you use to get you through your Mondays so that I can have more ideas for future posts.

A video from kid president:

I loved this when I first saw it, I wish it wasn’t so cold outside so that I could do it to

This video made me cry so much:

Check out these grandparents who dressed up like their grandkids drew them here

I hope you don’t get caught in a situation like this, even if it’s hilarious

For dancing inspiration

For those looking for a mix of west african music, do we call it afrobeats or afropop or what? but here is a link to my current favourite


Last but not least, if you read my last blog post about Adaobi, here is the update. Praise!

Have a great Monday and a great thanksgiving week guys, and don’t forget to comment with the things that make starting your week easier 🙂


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