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Friday Rambles: What If…

I love statements or questions that make me think, and leave me speechless. During the past summer, I got the chance to be a night watch at the place that kick started everything for me. Ever since elementary school, I’ve spent one week at camp with other kids from my Church and hundreds of kids from the state. It’s the place that I dedicated my life to Christ, after a period of questioning, it’s where I was filled with the Holy Spirit, and where I decided to pursue the path that I am on.

Whenever I go to camp, the issues that I deal with leading up to that week are dealt with by God. My fears, my doubts, my insecurities, my worries are all laid on the altar. I think I cry the most during my time at camp because God just wrecks my heart and I see him wreck the hearts of those seeking him.




I came back sleep deprived, thankful, reflective and wanting more. While catching up on my blog subscriptions, I came across a statement/question that I was turning over in my head: what if God is real?

What if the God that has been spoken about for years, is real? What if he actually sacrificed his son for us mere mortals? What if…

It’s a good question to think about. Obviously I can’t force someone to be a believer, after all, I had a phase where I needed to make sure that I believed what I believed for myself, but I think it’s a great thing to sit there and think about it. If you don’t believe because you’re afraid to look unintelligent, or weak, or whatever insults people fling these day, think about if the costs are worth it to you.  Question why you believe, or why you don’t believe. I’m a subscriber to the idea that if you are going to be for, or against something, you better know without a doubt that it’s what you really think.

Becoming a follower of Christ is the best decision I have ever made, but it’s not easy. Life is still hard, and sometimes the rivers of life that want to overwhelm me are scary, but I have hope. Some people have this idea that becoming a believer means that the struggles in life will be gone, but that’s not true, it just means that  there is someone there to carry the burden for you. It means that you get to develop a relationship not only with God, but with a community of people who pray for each other, extol each other, and hold on to each other in different circumstances ( I mean those who really live out their beliefs)

Yet it’s such a beautiful process, one of redemption, and grace, one of joy and peace, one of mercy and salvation. It’s a process, where you constantly have to go and sit at the feet of God in repentance, and it’s made easier  because of that unconditional love that pulls you up and says that you’re okay, and that you are loved regardless of the mistakes you make, and that you aren’t defined by those things.

So, What if God is real…? That means that you don’t go through the difficult times alone, it means that there is someone who is carrying you, hugging you, comforting you, cheering you on and giving you joy in moments that don’t feel joyful,  which is something I think we all need these days.


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