Now Listening: Down – Ruby

It’s finals week, which means that now I’m struggling with my habits of procrastination and my desire to do well. So far procrastination has beaten me, and the fact that I’ve only had two hours of sleep because I’m working on a paper that was assigned at the beginning of the semester hasn’t escaped my notice. I can’t even complain, because I know that I did this to myself, but I really want to. In the next 48 hours, I will have to take an exam that I haven’t studied for and finish a 6-8 paper about a disease that I know nothing about. Pray for me.

Anyway to not sink into self-contempt and pity, I have decided to find a song for every day until finals end. Today’s song is Down by Ruby. I love the message of the song and the video is hilarious to me. Whenever I feel myself starting to get frustrated, I turn up the song and dance around. Personally I think that the song should be more popular, but what do I know.  Enjoy!

What are ways that you deal with the stress of finals?


Don't forget you can share your ideas with me below :)

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