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London Calling

If you haven’t guessed by the title, I am in London, England. This has been a four-year plan of mine and I am so excited for this experience.

I have spent the last week getting used to London and being away from my family. I expected it to be a challenge, but sometimes I’m still surprised by how things are going. Starting in Minnesota, I almost forgot my laptop at the security check in, which would have sucked. I forgot my textbook for my online class, which I needed. I’ve fried my cellphone, even though I used a converter. I’ve been lost on the tube, a lot (I am directionally challenged) I stepped into my first pub, I experienced the bus at night, and I’ve been hit by homesickness, really hard. I’ve been getting used to only having 2,000 minutes of internet a week (what?) and I’ve got used to sharing a flat with 5 other girls( that should be fun). Most of all, I’ve been working on not getting killed by London cars, apparently the speed limit is 30 mph, but I do not believe that for a second.


I don’t think I realized just how blessed I was at home. Whenever I needed something, I had people who I was comfortable with that could help me out, basically I had been sheltered. I didn’t have to put myself out, I didn’t have to make friends (I’m really shy, I guess), and this food thing wasn’t a problem. It actually got bad enough that I stopped eating. In the one week, that I’ve been here, I’ve lost 5 pounds, and that makes me kind of nervous. Overall, I’m realizing that change, scares me. That I’m not as adaptable as I have caused myself to believe, and that I need to stop rushing myself.

Ignoring the negatives, I am happy that I’m being pushed to stop being so complacent in my life. I’ve being forced to talk to people first, to be honest about how I’m feeling, and to grow. I had a feeling that a lot of growth would happen while I was here, but I don’t think my mind has even begun to scratch the surface of what is going to happen. Who knows how I’ll be in four months, but I’m excited to answer the challenge that has been set forth.


2 thoughts on “London Calling”

  1. Welcome to London! Moving countries is no easy feat. The plus is it’s gonna make you stronger and you might even get to meet a fellow blogger from across the pond-(well, not any more since you’re here now! )


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