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Tube Strikes and Football Games

This last week definitely made up for the crappy week that I had previously.  Not only did my arm heal up but I finally feel settled here in London. This past week allowed me to experience a tube strike, attend a football game, and I got to enjoy a really great Sunday at church.

Starting with the tube strike, let me just say that I am officially not a fan of the mayor of London, partly because he seems like an obnoxious egotistical man, and partly because of the ordeal that comes with having a tube strike in such a big city. If I didn’t understand that the tube basically controls London, I do now. Imagine being in a train where your body is pressed closely with a stranger that you have never met before, imagine being able to tell what that stranger has eaten earlier in the day and whether or not they used deodorant. That’s what two and a half days of striking will do for you. Not to mention the joy that comes from being shoved as people try to get on the already crowded tube. For someone who is as directionally challenged as I am, the idea of walking around a city that I didn’t know was not welcomed, and of course getting lost was incredibly frustrating, but I did it without having to shove anyone. I’m just hoping that the strike planned for this week gets canceled because I can’t do this again.


On a positive note, I got to cross off something from my bucket list. I got to attend a premiere league game while here in London. Growing up in a community that loves soccer, and playing it myself, there was no way that I was going to miss the opportunity to attend one for free. So on Saturday, I found myself at the stadium for the Crystal Palace team, and it was beautiful. I love the game, and after sitting in a crowd of fans who were excited and loud, I appreciated it a lot more. I wish the US had a great love for soccer like the rest of the world.


The most exciting thing for me though, was the church service that I attended on Sunday. I’ve been so blessed to find a church that believes what I believe, and makes me feel at home. Their 20th anniversary is this month and in honour of it, they have decided to have 20 days of nonstop praise and worship. For someone who loves worship like I do, it felt like heaven. It makes me wonder what heaven will be like, and makes me incredibly excited. The way that people were dancing and praising with abandon filled me with so much joy, I couldn’t stop smiling.

Honestly, I’m happy here, and I am so happy that this was where I decided to spend my spring semester. Mostly I’m thrilled that I get to miss the crappy weather that is in the US this winter.  Now if I could just meet more people and stop spending my weekends in the flat with my flat mates. Shyness doesn’t just disappear.




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