Now Listening: Israel Houghton

When I was in london, I got to attend church at Jesus House for All Nations, and it was my favourite part about being in London. I loved the church, the pastors and the choir. Praise and Worship have always been my favourite parts of church services and at some point, I thought about going to school to be a worship leader but God had other plans.

I got the chance to be a part of the choir for a month, and it was so fun. I ended up having a conversation with a fellow choir member about my favourite gospel musicians, and I struggled to name five, so I made it a mission to listen to more gospel songs. Before this challenge, I had heard Israel Houghton a few times, and my church in Rochester had a few songs that we listened to, but I found myself listening to him a lot, and now I can’t stop.

So here are five Israel Houghton songs that I have on all the time.

1. If you can listen to this song without wanting to dance, I think something is wrong

2. When I am feeling small, and confused, I listen to this song. It’s such a good reminder of how great God is.

3. On days when I’m exhausted from trying to fix everything in my life by myself this is what I listen to

4. This is a great song to listen to when thinking about your future overwhelms you

5. I just love the message, and I have great memories to this song

Can you tell that ‘m still obsessed with London.


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