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I Want To Be Friends With…Mindy Kaling

I’ve decided that Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. No joke.

My sister knows that I am obsessed with her, and ever since I read her book “Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?” I’ve been even more of a fan. The woman is the definition of cool, and here are some reasons why I want to be friends with her.

1. She is funny.


Have you seen her show the Mindy Project, if not, you’re missing out. Since I don’t want you to miss out, I’m adding a video for your amusement

2. She’s intelligent and unapologetic about being girly.

Can I say that it’s frustrating that women are expected to be one thing. You can be intelligent, but not pretty, you can be a hard worker, and not have a social life. Complete bull, and Mindy shows that you can be more than one thing as a woman. If you read her book, she is admits to loving incredibly girly things, also she went to Darthmouth which isn’t the easiest place to get into. As an actress, writer, etc she continues to show her talent in hilarious ways.


3. She loves herself, and doesn’t apologize for it.

Mindy Kaling is the first to admit that she isn’t a size 0, but along with that she doesn’t feel the need to bash those who are. She’s a woman who continually reminds us that instead of focusing on the sizes of women in the spotlight, and in general, we should focus on their contributions and talents.


4. She has a unique fashion sense.

I love bold, bright, printed fashion. I think we all need colour in our lives and she dresses boldly. Also as someone who lives with the concept “modest is best” she’s a great model for how to look great without exposing yourself (I sound like my mother)


At the FOX All-Star Party 2014 on July 20, 2014, in West Hollywood, California.

Attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on March 2, 2014, in West Hollywood.

5. Her parents met in Nigeria, and she was almost born there, so in my mind she’s also Nigerian. She uses words like show-stoppery, she believes in women being friends to each other, no one has anything bad to say about her, she’s opinionated….

6. This statement that she made

“There are little Indian girls out there who look up to me, and I never want to belittle the honor of being an inspiration to them. But while I’m talking about why I’m so different, white male show runners get to talk about their art…. I always get asked, ‘Where do you get your confidence?’ I think people are well meaning, but it’s pretty insulting. Because what it means to me is, ‘You, Mindy Kaling, have all the trappings of a very marginalized person. You’re not skinny, you’re not white, you’re a woman. Why on earth would you feel like you’re worth anything?’”


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