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Let’s Talk Influenster

So back in the day, when I was a poor college student living alone, nothing pained me more than asking my parents for money. I think I imagined growing up and having all these resources to my disposal but minimum wage is not a living wage and I had to be careful about what I purchased. Before college, I had no interest in makeup, or anything like that. Then I started ballroom dancing and for competitions makeup was required.

Then I did some research, found an article in a magazine subscription ( that I got for free) and discovered influenster. Which was an answer to my poor girl blues.

Influenster is this awesome program that rewards its members for their reviews of items being released by company. In other words members get complimentary products for being honest. Signing up is super easy, and earning voxboxes (a box of products that fit a theme) is easy. The great thing is that influenster has something for every walk of life, from students, brides, mothers, environmentalists, readers….there is something there for you. In fact they’ve even been expanding to include men into the deal. They also have these things called voxperks, which are sweet deals on products and experiences. All you have to do is go to their site and sign up. The site is pretty self-explanatory and you’ll be on your way before you know it.

One of the great things about Influenster is that you can see other people’s reviews on the site before you make a purchase. I’m one of those people who can’t make a purchase without reviews first and that helps to take my anxiety away. Honestly I don’t have the kind of disposable income where I can buy things that I don’t use, so its great. You can also provide information for others on whether you like something, and I never feel like I have to lie about a product. For instance there was a bb cream that I got in a box and it was horrible for my skin tone, I looked like I had put too much lotion on my skin and was a gross lightness because of it, yet it was the darkest shade that they had. Who let the influenster nation know how disappointed they were with the product? (this girl)

So if you want to try complimentary products in exchange of your honest opinion, go to…and let me know what you think about it.




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