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I wanted to make a Happy New Year post and write about my desires for this year, the things I was looking forward to and my prayers but then procrastination and busyness hit and I didn’t do it. I’m sad that my first post of 2015 isn’t happy. I’ve had all weekend to rant, be sad, be angry and I’ve decided to just write it down and release it.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, you might have missed the fact that Nigeria had its highest massacre this past week. While some of us are still enjoying the glow of the new year, an estimated 2000 people were killed in a town in Northern Nigeria. The sad thing is that I don’t feel shocked about it or about the response. When 280 girls went missing, Nigeria’s president didn’t acknowledge it and with this new tragedy, no acknowledgement was made again. While the entire world heard about France and mourned about the issues that it was having, there was silence about Baga and Boko Haram. I’m sure people just thought of it as another day in Nigeria and left it at that .

I can’t think like that. I can’t ignore that lives were taken by cowards and ignored by elected cowards. I can’t ignore the fact that women, men and children have become pawns in games that they don’t realize are being played. I can’t ignore the fact that Nigeria as a whole has let those people in the north down. I can’t ignore the fact that the blood of these people and the other victims of Boko Haram continue to fill the soil of Nigeria until eventually the judgement of God will come down and strike. I can’t ignore that our so called president continues to act like none of this is happening and ignores that they are being sponsored by some of Nigeria’s leaders. I get sick at thinking that this kind of evil is alive and nobody is trying to stop it.

In the next month Nigeria will be holding elections and I fear that these occurrences will increase and tear people apart. I can’t imagine the fear of those living in those areas and the feelings of abandonment that they experience when things like this happen.


I want to be a proud Nigerian and sometimes I am, but not today. I am ashamed and frustrated, angry and confused, sad and broken, desperate for change, praying for peace, thinking of how we can be better. I’m a Nigerian who thinks that enough is enough, that prayer without works is futile and that we need to remember our worth and power. There is no reason for the most populated African nation to be put into turmoil by a small group of cowards. It’s time to stand up and do something, to fight and say we want a better Nigeria


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