My Thoughts

Birthdays, car problems and reasons why I can’t even.

The last however months of my life have been something else, it feels like everything just gets thrown my way and when I start to think I can relax and enjoy life, another thing comes up 😫. I’m working at handling these tests that life has been throwing my family and I as well as I can, but I feel overwhelmed and exhausted sometimes. Of course that’s not an excuse to be inconsistent so I won’t insult myself and you by acting like it is.

I’m lazy, it’s sad but true. When money is involved, I’m hardworking, but when it’s something that would benefit me, or something that I enjoy, it’s the struggle bus for me. Unfortunately, I’m the sort who has to be intrinsically motivated to do something so no amount of cheering me on motivates me. In fact I’m so headstrong that I just want to roll my eyes when people offer statements of “you can do it.” I’m asking God to help me.

Anyways here is somewhat of a life update.

1. I turned 22 in February (I’m still accepting presents 😁). I have yet to find a reason to actually get excited for my birthday other than the obvious ( being blessed with life) so I usually cry on this day, whether they are tears of joy or sadness, I’m not sure, but tears come flowing. This year I partially rewarded myself with some beautiful shoes, but now I’m terrified of wearing them because I don’t want them to get dirty😐


2. Winter felt never ending 😫. I’m not sure if I’m being dramatic but it felt like spring would never get here. Nevermind the fact that winter was on schedule, and was doing what it does every year,but I was over it after Christmas. I was over being cold and not remembering what my legs looked like in the sunlight. I’ve been spoilt in the past because I went to school where there were skyways and I could wear what I wanted. Now shoveling and heating up my car is a part of my life again and I hate it. Thank God spring is here, I hope it remains.


3. Nigeria and its elections drama continues to frustrate me, so I’ll stop with this. I want Nigeria to be better and I’m hard pressed to figure out what can be done to change this nation. I’m thankful for how much was achieved and how much peace there was, but I’m holding my breath concerning the next four years.


4. My car was previously stolen and while I eventually got it back with help from the cops, I’m smart enough to know when enough is enough. Once is bad, but twice in 2-3 years is just annoying. I’m praying for a car that can’t be stolen easily and of course for money for said car.

5. I have hopes that since my year didn’t start pleasantly (see #4) God will let the rest be greater than the last 4 months have been.

6. I’m planning on being better at this, and having more positive light hearted posts as well as ripping apart the nonsense I see in the news, ( since I can’t seem to separate myself from it) If I’m going to be me, I have to do it fully. I really want this to be interactive and since I know someone out there is reading it (hi followers) I really hope we have better communication between us. 


How are things going so far for you? How do you keep yourself from being lazy? Sound of below 😊


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