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Monday Favourites

Normally when people blog about their weekly favourites, they wait until Friday to do it. I’m not normal so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I choose to do it on Mondays. I unlike most people I know, love Mondays. They’re just like spring to me; a fresh start. Here are some of my favourite things that I’ve discovered.

First: If you are looking for a web-series, or aren’t…First is the one for you. I’m a card carrying romantic. I love love and when I discovered this web series, I was so happy. The acting, the music (see #2), the portrayal of love just works well together. It might take a couple episodes for you to get into it, but I suggest you stick to it.

Find My Way to Love – Jaspects: Part of the reason I love this series is because of the soundtrack. If I could have an ideal soundtrack for my imaginary love life, the songs from this would definitely be in it. This song is so soothing.

Favourite Clothing Item: Tulle Skirts are so fun and can be dressed up or down


Favourite Quote:

Favourite Accesory: Regardless of the season, a floppy hat is always a yes


Least Favourite: This week has seen tragedy in Nepal/India. The effects of the earthquake and its aftermath have rocked people hard. Prayers and thoughts are with them and donations are kind to give.

Shonda Rhimes has managed to anger me and many fans, that little stunt she pulled was upsetting and Derek will be missed.


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