Monday Favourites

 Joyeux Lundi 🙂

Favourite video
I've always believed that someone should turn the life of Nigerians into a show.

Favourite Song

I’m so ready for this album to come out.

Favourite Quote/Joke


I’m not sure why I laughed so hard, but I found it funny

Favourite Fashion:

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Least Favourite Moment of the Week

So basically for the last week, the social media hype was about that mayweather/pacquiao fight. I watched it and while I will never feign an interest or understanding in that sport, the thing was a disappointment. If you spent your money on tickets to the event, you should demand a refund. All I learned was that the best way to win is to hug your opponent and run around the ring a lot. I could rant about the fact that mayweather is 180 million dollars richer while teachers are underpaid, I could rant about the fact that mayweather is a misogynistic abusive human being, but instead I will appreciate the memes that came out of this



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