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Monday Favourites

Happy Memorial Monday!

Before starting off, I would like to honour those who have done much for this country and sacrificed so that others may have freedom. I not only want to recognize those who were killed in the line of battle but also their families and the families of those who have lost their loved ones to combat related ptsd. 22 soldiers a day commit suicide because of ptsd and their families are forced to pick up the pieces. I salute soldiers and their families on this solemn day.

On a lighter note, these are my favourites of the past week. I hope you have a fantastic day with your family on this holiday, I will be trying to break this fever that I have -_-.

Favourite Video: I love weddings so much, I’m the type of person to sit down all night and watch wedding videos. I told y’all I was a sap. Anyway if you’re looking for a wedding guest who will turn up with you, I am that person 🙂

Favourite Song:

Favourite Clothing: I needed to get fabric sewn and had to find something that would look good on me…shout out to my tailor


Favourite Accessory: I can’t tie one, I’m impatient and can’t be bothered, but I love it 🙂


Favourite Quote: With everything going on in our society, its important to remember this. You make life easier by being nice and if that’s hard for you, you can always remove yourself from the situation until you feel better.

Favourite Moment: I finally saw this sculpture live, I wasn’t impressed but anytime with friends is a good time 🙂


Least Favourite Thing: Look Nigeria this fuel scarcity is so unnecessary, I have yet to understand how a country that produces and sells oil can be struggling with this nonsense (I’m sure there’s more to it). The fact that businesses are having to shutdown, and people are having to trek long distances to get to work or wherever is preventable. Nigeria please get your life together, because this is embarrassing.

fuel-scar-295x300 Tee_3_3-S_422792-300x300


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