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Ten Style Ideas for Ankara/Aso Ebi

If you are African (Mostly West African), friends with an African, Dating an African at some point you will be given fabric to sew for an event, or you know buy your own fabric (either Lace or Ankara). Recently we found some extra Ankara at home and I had to find a style to sew. There are so many ideas out there and if you follow me on pinterest, you’ll see that I have a board dedicated to styles for future occasions. So for inspiration I am sharing 10 styles that I love and want. I really want to learn how to sew so that I can do it myself and save money. If anyone has good ideas on how to learn or what type of machine I should get, please let me know. For this post, I tried to have 5 long and 5 short styles.

Long:IMG_3662 IMG_3656 IMG_3661 IMG_3667 IMG_3658

I love seeing modernization into African clothing. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love wearing iro and buba but I never would have imagined making lace and Ankara into a crop set.


IMG_3665 IMG_3655 IMG_3664 IMG_3660 IMG_3668

I like the idea of yellow ankara and lace, its so cheery to me and makes me want to dance. I feel like yellow is such a great color for dark skin and there are enough shades of yellow to complement the different undertones that you might have.

In addition to these 10, I attached one alternative style, for those who don’t want to rock traditionally feminine styles. I think this is so great. Normally people are confined to dresses and skirts but not everyone likes that. I wonder if I could get Ankara sew into joggers.


Images found on pinterest.

What are styles that you love?


Don't forget you can share your ideas with me below :)

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