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Friday Rambles

There are weeks when I have to work to not run away, when God was giving out the sensitivity and flight traits, I got a lot of it. I cry when I see others cry, I cry when I see things that are sweet, sad, painful, frustrating. I can’t watch sweet moments without tearing up. Y’all I even cried at “think like a man too”. The thing is that we live in a society that is always telling us to keep things in, or that shows of emotions are signs of weakness. I’ve always struggled with those ideas.

Then I saw this on tumblr and I kind of snapped out of it. All my life people have been telling me that I should hide my emotions, and I’ve tried so hard to do it, but it’s hard. I am a human, I have emotions and I can’t pretend like I don’t have them. To be honest, I don’t think that I glorify God by acting like a robot, and part of being human is learning how to understand and use the feelings that were placed in me.


Instead, I’m going to embrace it, let it out and be me!


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