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Monday Favourites

Hey Y’all.

Some of you might have noticed that I was MIA for a few weeks, and some of you didn’t because I’m inconsistent anyways. Well my laptop was having issues and being fixed by Lenovo, which allowed me time to read and stop wasting time on YouTube. Anyways thanks for continuing to read my blog (it still shocks me that people actually read it)

Favourite Song: You get two today 🙂

I got to work a Luke Bryan concert and Thomas Rhett was an opening act. I love this song.

This song is on constant replay in my car, I turn it up and let loose. I’m sure people on the road worry about my ridiculously active driving.

Favourite Quote:


I’ve been struggling with this a lot lately…it’s very easy to point out where you think you are lacking, and failing. I don’t like doing it, so I have to hand it over to God to change my heart.

Favourite Picture: it’s great to embrace silliness, I don’t do it enough to bring joy to my soul

Favourite fact: Chris Pratt is Minnesotan

Favourite Person: Bree Newsome is currently my hero for not allowing a symbol of hate and discrimination to black people keep her down.

Least Favourite: I have no idea where to start, betweenCharleston, the 6 burned down black churches, missing prisoners, and other things, I have definitely cried tears of desperation. We need to do better without getting defensive. 


1 thought on “Monday Favourites”

  1. Hey Eunice! Nice quote, it’s honestly so true. Sorry for being a creeper but I really do like your pictures. I contacted you on Instagram, but you haven’t replied in a while. I was wondering if you were still interested in collaborating? I really do love your pictures. They have so much life and vibrance in them. If you don’t want to work together that’s cool too though! Oh and I’m Nigerian too 🙂


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