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Monday Favourites

Favourite Song: I have loved this song since I was in high school, its one of those songs that I listen to over and over again all night. It’s romantic and makes me think of peaceful carefree days.

Favourite Video: Seriously the best part of this entire Dwayne Whitley saga. I don’t condone such behaviours normally but I excuse it this time.

Favourite Pic: A Different World is my favourite thing in the world, I love the fact that it works to show black people as educated, talented and smart. Whitley and Dwayne are my favourite, like I watch episodes based on their relationship alone and rewind things over and over again. That wedding scene is the best thing ever. See above. Also Dwayne Wayne was/is my ultimate tv crush, he was the perfect mix of suave and nerdy. I will end up making a post dedicated to him…sorry


Favourite Hashtag: #beingfemaleinnigeria was such a great hashtag. There are so many things that go on for women in Nigeria; sexual assault, domestic violence, misogyny at work, misogyny in public places, not being counted as valuable without a husband and kids, being blamed for fertility issues that aren’t always your fault and so on. Maybe now that it’s being spoken out it can start to change.
Favourite Shoe: I want these but in yellow and for less money.


Favourite Quote/Meme: hahaha oh man I can’t handle it.

Least Favourite:

I dislike the double standards I see in the media, I’ve seen it when dealing with crime and how different races get treated. I’ve seen it when dealing with the way women and men are perceived, and I can see it in the fact that even though Hope Solo has domestic violence crimes publicly thrown all over the news, violence against cops, and DUIs, she hasn’t faced any career backlash like Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson. I struggled to cheer for her and the US soccer team because all I could think about was the fact that they made it seem like soccer was more important than taking a stand.


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