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I Want To Be Friends With…Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

It’s my desire to meet Chimamanda one day.

Ever since I watched my first Ted talk about the danger of a single story, I have had a tiny bit of an obsession with her. Anytime something about her pops up about her, I’ll read it or watch it. I think she should be appreciated as more than the voice in a beyonce song.

1. She’s a great writer:

I read Americanah and I loved it. The book is about a young Nigerian woman named Ifemelu who emigrates to the United States for education and her process living in the US and moving back to Nigeria. Once I started it, it was so hard to put it down. It was easy to connect to the main character, it was funny and part of Ifemelu’s struggles reminded me of mine when we moved to the country. Other than Americanah, she has written so many captivating books.

2. She’s a happy feminist:

There are so many misconceptions on what a feminist is, and I love how she broke it down.

3. Her natural hair:

I’m always a fan of women who rock their natural hair because it teaches young girls that what they were blessed with is enough.

4. She knows the danger of a single story:

She’s eloquent, she’s sincere, she’s intelligent, she’s beautiful, she’s a feminist, she’s Nigerian and I want to be friends with her.


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