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Monday Favourites

Hey Y’all, I hope you are having a great start to your week, and if not I hope things get better. Here are some Monday Favourites to inspire you, make you smile, and get you out of those monday blues.

Favourite Song: The line “But Our God can pick us up from the wreckage” is filled with so much hope.

Favourite Video: What a fun idea

Favourite App: GotQuestions? is one of my favourite apps. Any question you have about something pertaining to the bible, Christianity, etc can be found on it. I sometimes pick the random questions app and read about it. I honestly recommend it, and they have a site for those of you without smart phones.

Favourite Pic:

Least Favourite:

On Saturday on my way home from an event, I had to deal with a driver that was swerving in and out of his/her lane ahead of me. I’m not sure if they were drunk, or just distracted but it was terrifying. The car moved over to the next lane eventually and when I tried to speed up and get away they swerved into my lane and almost hit me. So guys please, no distracted driving, texting and driving and absolutely NO DRUNK DRIVING. I ended up just praying that the cops would notice them and that they wouldn’t hit anyone. I don’t really know the protocol for such things and couldn’t see their license plate, but please be safe out there and think of others you might affect with your choices.

Have a great week!!


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