Monday Favourites

Happy Monday! Happy August! It’s amazing how time flies so quickly, I can’t believe we’re already in the 8th month of the year. July was a busy month for me, and now my sleep pattern is so off. 2 weeks of camp with my youth group and other youth groups from around Minnesota, fun concerts, weddings, allergic reactions to mysterious bug bites and you’ll understand why I’ve been MIA, but I’m back and ready to have some structure in my life. Here are my Monday Favs.

Favourite Song: By far my favourite genre of music. Nancy Wilson is so underrated and under appreciated.

Favourite Video: I didn’t start wearing makeup until my freshman year of college, when I became a ballroom dancer (surprise!) Even then, the most I did was mascara and a horrible, horrible attempt at eyeshadow…and the occasional fake eyelash for competitions. 5 years later and it’s still a struggle for me, but now I’ve added foundation/concealer/bb cream/pressed powder and occasional lipstick. I’m determined to learn how to actually do these things well, so I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube. So far this is one of the easiest tutorials I’ve seen

Favourite Business: I believe in women in business and their abilities to bring effective change to the economy and the society around them, so whenever I find young women taking chances, I can’t help but be excited. Here are two up and coming businesses started by young, Nigerian women that you should support.

Wishbone is a business started by three sisters that sells cute contemporary clothing at great prices. Check them out.

The Fevvy Collection sells virgin hair, and is actually located in MN and started by two women who are very trustworthy. Their bundles are inexpensive and great quality, they are passionate about allowing people who might be a little strapped for cash to have the ability to still look good. Their site is under construction but you can check them out on facebook, twitter and instagram.

Favourite Hair Style: Back in the day, my sister and I used to rock crotchet braids, and we sometimes looked good and sometimes like the struggle. Thank God for improvement and innovation because the way crotchet looks has changed so much. Its such an easy style to do by yourself and is great for taking care of your own hair.

old school crotchet braids (not me)
old school crotchet braids (not me)
my recent install of crotchet
my recent install of crotchet

Favourite Pic/Quote: 
They’re just beautiful and their makeup is flawless.

Least Favourite: Some people might wonder why I have never posted anything about black lives matter and everything race wise that has been going on in this country recently, but the nice thing about having a space like this as your own is that you control what you get to post. I feel like there are so many opinions out there, so many news stories, so much anger, frustration, hopelessness and I don’t feel compelled to write about it because its exhausting. My sister can attest to the fact that when it comes to things like this, I get very passionate and sometimes I can feel my blood pressure rising out of frustration. So I’ve made the decision to make this as much of a calm, happy, reflective place as I can.

But…humans are frustrating and all I’ve been hearing about in the last week is Cecil the lion. Look I understand why people are upset, and I think its okay to be upset, but it shocks me that people don’t have the same responses for some of the other injustices in the world. Aside from people like Sandra Bland and Sam Dubose, there are issues of continued corruption in places like Zimbabwe, Nigeria, shoot even in America, things that actually affect our fellow human beings haven’t gotten as strong of a response and it breaks my heart. This response wasn’t there when Haitians were being kicked out of the DR, or when Xenophobic attacks were killing people in SA. I hear little about the the crisis that is causing hundreds of refugees to die from trying to escape their home countries, where is the outcry over the way Greece has handled its economy and brought  frustration to its people, or the calls for justice for the millions of people trafficked every year, not to mention the fact that 22 veterans die each day from suicide. When did animals become more important than people? Yes it is possible to care about more than one thing, but if all you have ever posted about injustice is concerning a lion, if the only topic in your mouth is about what a good penalty for a lion hunting dentist in Minnesota who made a stupid decision and is being threatened, then I need you to do a heart check. We can’t complain about how society is falling apart when we can’t even have our priorities correct, and human lives will always be more important than animals.

I hope you have a great week, and that your life is filled with laughter. What are some of your favourites from the past week? comment below.


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