Now Listening: 10 Vocal Jazz Songs You Should Know

If I had to list three genres that I love the most, they would be Jazz, Country and Soul. Three genres that have always been able to talk about life, both good and bad. In all three genres are really great love songs ( how I judge the merit of all genres), they all are timeless, and can be sang by any age.

I had a neighbor who would play jazz music from their home and I would hear it on nice, breezy summer nights. Those songs became the background when my mom would force me to wash ( i hate washing dishes more than anything), when I was angry, when I was sad. Even if the musician was singing about heartbreak, the tinkling of pianos would lift my spirits and make me think of simple times. I hear jazz and I imagine sitting on a porch with lights strung around, and fireflies around while eating watermelon and talking to friends. Simple things.

Here are 10 fantastic songs that you should know or already know.

  1. Nina Simone: My Baby Just Cares for Me
  2. Ella Fitzgerald: Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive
  3. Louis Armstrong: When You’re Smiling
  4. Ray Charles: Georgia On My Mind
  5. Etta James: A Sunday Kind Of Love
  6. Nat King Cole: Love
  7. Frank Sinatra: The Way You Look Tonight
  8. Nancy Wilson: I Wish You Love
  9. Billie Holiday: Blue Moon
  10. Cab Calloway: Minne the Moocher

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