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Monday Favourites

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was full of plans that didn’t come to pass. I was supposed to take some senior pictures on Saturday but the weather was forecasted to rain, and we rescheduled…only to have it be sunny and warm. Minnesota drives me insane sometimes. I ended up going to the mall and window shopping and imaging what I’d buy if I wasn’t trying to save for other things. All in all, it was an uneventful weekend that culminated in me taking an unplanned but needed nap and missing a play that I wanted to attend. 

Here are some Monday Favourites to help with those Monday blues.

Favourite Song: Aye Dun means “good life” more or less. I’m super obsessed with this song and think Wande Coal is underrated. Also can we just talk about the fact that Yoruba is such a beautiful language.

Favourite Video: Grace Ajilore is hilarious, and this video made sense to me. Dear aunties out there, please leave us alone.

Favourite link: This buzzfeed article on other women who are beauty icons too. No offense to you Marilyn Monroe fans, but the woman is not the only beauty in the history of the world.

Favourite Pic: Something about this picture just screams peace to me.


Favourite Blog: Cassandra Ikegbune or Cassie Daves is a woman who does it all. She blogs, models and just completed medical school. I’ve loved reading about her experiences as a model, blogger, doctor and I think you will too. Also her style is eclectic enough for different people to be inspired.

Favourite News: both Football and Futbol season are back. As a Man United fan I’m hoping that this season they will be in the top two of the premier league, preferably first place (glory, glory Man United). The Vikings are back and so are the Seahawks. Hopefully one of these teams makes it to the Super Bowl ( I’m not really getting my hopes up concerning the Vikings)

Least Favourite: I love love, I love marriage, I love the idea of two people uniting to share a life together and glorify God, after all the image of the Church and Christ is depicted as a bride and groom. What I don’t like at all is this need to harass people about when they are going to get married. Age is not a sign of maturity (something essential in a marriage) and finishing school is not a sign of maturity, so all of these “when are you getting married” or “your mates are getting married, when will it be your own turn” or “if you keep waiting, you’ll not find husband” commentaries are unnecessary and make me want to reply by saying that I’m joining a convent. We should want to see strong marriages that fulfill the vows taken and create legacies of love, not marriages caused by pressure that end up in divorce. Also is a spouse supposed to just fall from the sky, in this day and age it is best to just be patient until you find someone who isn’t crazy and fits your desires for a spouse.

What are some of your Favourite things?


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