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Monday Favourites

Happy Monday to you all. I had a better weekend than I did last weekend. Football season has started which means my weekends are basically not mine anymore because I work at the football games in Minnesota. So after a shift of over 12 hours, and church the next morning, I’m kind of struggling today. Here are some of my Monday Favourites.

Favourite Song: Good music is like food, it fills you up and makes you content. This is good music, and I’m glad.

Favourite Video: Its a tie this week between these road tripping siblings and this cute little girl. We should all live life with the same or more zest that they do.

Favourite Pic/Quote: This is something that I’ve been learning. Not every issue needs me to yell, especially when I know nothing about it and the amount of people yelling is immeasurable. Not all the time passion, sometimes stillness.


Favourite Product: Carmax is great and anyone who pays more than a dollar for this, is being ripped off (Dollar tree is your friend). For years I have searched for something to keep my lips soft and happy, but everything failed me. I knew about carmax, but it was associated with the ratchet girls at my school (sorry!) Now I just need to find lotion for winter that has the same effect.

Favourite Fashion Item: I really want these, I know summer is ending soon, but I want them.


What are your favourites from the last week, let me know below.


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