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10 More Ankara/Aso Ebi Styles to Inspire you

So last time I made a list of 10 Ankara style ideas, it was a huge hit. As someone who is always looking for ideas, I understand why…so I’m adding another 10 styles to inspire you. Short, long, two piece or pants, Ankara can be used for so much, but don’t forget about the use of lace too.


a49495fb4a7d9decc8a709e752e31c60 tumblr_n899tkYaQj1qizcg6o1_500 2f2c2f5ab48ae5d374f64e410751f1e4 99604553ef51ee5d6820e6ed6d5efc2a 95f17c08cebc768fd28c535b163fefbf d0ea3816b8cae15684193bb65c85e342 ca63dd3926b91dafd94a9f5e29598b76 41059178c5cc14f13450e90bc8ad9b02 f8f8d24151a93661412ecf3aab8c5300

All images found on pinterest.


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