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8 Protective Style Ideas

I’ve had natural hair since the day I was born. I used to beg my mom to allow me to get a relaxer because I had this idea in my head that having straight hair would make me pretty and make me popular, but she refused because she didn’t want to risk damaging my hair (Thanks Mom!). The problem was that even though my hair was natural, it didn’t grow enough because it wasn’t being taken care of. When I moved to college 1.5 hours away from my hair dresser, I had no other choice but to learn about my hair. The most important thing I’ve learned is that my natural hair thrives when it’s moisturized and left alone. So I have made a list of protective styles that allow you to moisturize and leave your hair to grow. Also winter will be here before you know it and if you’re in a place where winter attacks harshly, you might need it.

Crochet braids are great because it’s easy to moisturize the hair underneath and they can be done by yourself. They’re also less stress to your hair.

These are great because your ends are protected and they help reduce hand in hair syndrome.

This is both cute and protective. Tucked in ends for the win.

I love buns because they’re easy and can be dressed up or dressed down.

These braids are beautiful, the bigger they are at the edges, the less stress.

I had these during my study abroad time and I loved them. They are so easy to take off, which is great for someone who can get lazy like me.

Another way to bun it up.

If you don’t really have that much hair, this is a great way to get more.

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