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Monday Favourites

Happy Monday, I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I got to go to the state fair for the first time in years and I actually enjoyed myself. The people I hung out with definitely made it a fun experience. Most importantly, I replaced my mattress of 9 years, and for the first time in 6 months slept for more than 3 hours consecutively. Mattresses are important.

Here are my favourites from the last week.

Favourite Song: 

I think I have a crush on him

Favourite Video:

What a wonderful woman.

Favourite Product: The jordana cabernet lip pencil is so pigmented and inexpensive, I bought it on a whim but as soon as I used it, I was in love. You can get it online or at walgreens for 2.30 .


Favourite Picture/Quote:

Favourite Fashion Item: I’m a huge fan of loose, yellow clothing

Favourite App: Carousel is an extension of Dropbox for pictures. It’s great because you can save pictures to the app and then free your phone of picture clutter.

Least Favourite: I don’t know where some people learned to be creepy, to violate the space of women and make them uncomfortable, but it needs to stop. I shouldn’t have to worry about going to places when its dark outside, I shouldn’t have to be thinking of ways to protect myself in case someone touches me. It happens way too often and because people are crazy, rejection is hard to do. So please if you know someone who catcalls women, trails them as they walk, asks for their numbers and curses them out when they say know, makes sexual comments about women’s bodies…call them out on it and slap them, because it is not cool and it can be scary.

Have a fantastic week!


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