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Monday Favourites

Happy Monday! It’s insane to me that fall is almost here, which means that winter is not very far behind. I’m not a huge fan of winter because icey roads are not my thing, and being cold every time I step out just irritates me. I’m ignoring every sign of the changing seasons with hope that I’ll blink and it’ll be spring. Here are some favourites from this past week.

Favourite Video: I’m not sure why I crack up every time but I really can’t get tired of this.

Favourite song: Kem is under rated and that’s sad because he’s so talented

Favourite movie: War Room is a must see. I sat in the movie theater and laughed and cried until I couldn’t breathe. If it’s the only movie I support in the theaters this year, I’d be satisfied. I also think that Priscilla Schirer is awesome

Favourite Book: Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling…I didn’t realize that book trailers are a thing but now I love them, especially when they feature one of my Favourite people. So the book hasn’t come out yet, but I expect to not be disappointed.


Favourite Quote/Pic:

Favourite fashion: seriously wishing I had unlimited closet space and unlimited fashion money.

Least Favourite: I’m sad that it took kids washing ashore for people to recognize that the current refuge crisis was bad. I have so many emotions about that, anger, frustration, sadness. I think about the circumstances that are driving people away from their homes into cramped trucks, jumping on trains, swimming across bodies of water and I am reminded that humans can be so horrible. It drives me to my knees in prayer that these situations will end.  Most of all, it reminds me that we are responsible for our neighbors, that we as people who are part of democracies are required to use out voices to let those in power intercede.  We need to do better.


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