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Monday Favourites

Happy Monday, and if you are in the Midwest like I am, I hope you are keeping warm now that autumn has decided to rear its ugly head. No doubt the change of colours is beautiful but all I can think about is the fact that I don’t own a lot of long sleeve shirts. ;

I’ve been on a break from Facebook which somehow translated to a break from here, but I’m back 🙂 . Here are my Monday favourites.

Favourite Song: Get to know me on social media and eventually you will see that I have a crush on Donald Glover/Childish Gambino. I like his music, I like his acting, and he’s a great comedian. This is a great cover by him.

Favourite Video: I’m obsessed with this song currently, and any choreography that goes with it makes me happy. I wish I could do this.

Favourite Quote/Pic: I feel like this is always a truth.


Favourite Fashion: I love maxi clothing because the fashion industry seems to forget that tall women (I’m 5’10) like clothing that is modest. At least with Maxis, I’m not worried about if my skirt is too short or my dress will ride up. This skirt is so cute and dramatic. You can dress it up, or dress it down, and it can be worn in any season.


Favourite Show: I only watched one episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, so I don’t have an opinion on how different it is with Trevor Noah, but I totally enjoy it. His comparison of Donald Trump and African Leaders was hilarious to me.

Least Favourite: Nigerian politicians have gotten really comfortable with stealing money and making the rest of the country pay for it. How do they sleep at night, how do they see people begging on the streets, driving on crappy roads, lacking electricity and feel okay with their conscience. While I’m still holding my breath concerning buhari, I’m glad he’s cracking down.


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