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Monday Favourites

Happy Monday! This last week was incredibly emotional due to some tragic circumstances. I’ve been learning how to mourn without falling into the trap that is depression.  I got to go back to Rochester for youth convention with my youth group. Everytime I drive into Roch, I feel a sense of peace and nostalgia. Now I’m fighting off an unnecessary eye infection that has come at the most inconvenient time. Despite all of that, I’m grateful for life and peace.

Here are some favourites from the past week.

Favourite Song:

The lyrics ring in my heart so much this week. I’ve been thinking about the fact that there are times when circumstances just overwhelm us, but because of who Christ is and because of who we are in him, we have victory. I have so many versions of this but I just discovered this one and I love it.

Favourite Video:

Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are huge shows, and people keep suggesting them to me. The thing is I watch TV for escapist reasons, so if its not light-hearted, I’m less likely to watch it. That doesn’t mean I’m not curious about these shows though and thanks to the Fine Brothers, I can get an understanding of the show. You just have to focus, because they speak really fast.

Favourite Product: L’oreal’s Miss Manga mascara. One of my favourite beauty bloggers talked about this so much that I went to buy it. At first I struggled to adjust to the bending of the wand, but once I stopped struggling, it was beautiful. I love how it elongates my lashes, without clumping (I hate clumped lashes). I’ve only used it 4 times but I have to throw it away because of this eye infection. I’m not sure if I’m more upset about the infection or the mascara, it’s that great. Of course mascara works differently on everyone so some people might disagree with me.


Favourite Fashion Obsession:


I got a green version of this when I was in Rochester at the Dry Goods store, and I absolutely adore it. The fact that I can convert it into a blanket and that I found it on clearance (Dry Goods has the best clearance rack) made me so happy. It’s a great layering piece for fall/winter. So far I’ve been called little red riding hood (it has a hood to it) and Frodo, but I don’t mind because it was worth it.

Favourite Picture/quote:


Prayer: I’m praying for the Shepherd family this week. At 18 weeks of pregnancy, Liz Shepherd found out that she had cancer, and when the doctors suggested she abort her baby to start treatment, she chose to continue the pregnancy. Baby Sophie was born premature but has grown so much and is now a healthy, strong baby. While Lizzy fought hard, this morning she passed away from cancer. Their story touched me so much because through it all, they have had faith that whatever the outcome was, God would remain God. So please say a prayer for her husband Chris and their daughter Sophie, that God would comfort them and get them through this time. Like I said earlier, I’ve recently had to deal with the death of a family friend and it isn’t easy.

The great promise for us as believers is that we will be reunited one day, and for that I am so thankful.

I hope you have a fantastic week!


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