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Monday Favourites

Happy Monday! As October is coming to a close, I’m realizing that snow is actually inevitable. Every year I go through the process of adjusting myself to winter and it goes something like this. Denial, Denial, Denial and then depressed acceptance. Other than the Christmas season, winter to me is just a season of cold darkness, but I am working on having a better attitude this year, and I’m praying that winter just skips Minnesota and Spring comes in January. I know I’m delusional but if I focus on less of the snow and more of the fact that hallmark will be playing Christmas movies soon, maybe I’ll be less dramatic this year.

Here are my Monday favourites. I love hearing from people so let me know some of your favourite things from the last week.

Favourite Song: I’m so glad Adele is back and that unlike some artists (frank ocean) she actually releases things as she promises to. Listening to her makes me want to get a boyfriend, break up with him and experience the emotions that she’s feeling in her music. Thank God for talented people like her.

Favourite Video: I like to believe that if this was me, I would be smarter than these people, but being put on the spot makes life hard. Honestly though, why is the #eyes thing still a problem for people.

Favourite Product: A lot of people swear by coconut oil, especially in the natural hair community. Sadly I did a little too much protein overloading to my hair, so I had to find an alternative because coconut oil has protein in it (who knew) and vitamin E oil is it. Not only does a lot go a long way, but the way it moisturizes your hair, and body is great. I might be more team vitamin E oil than coconut oil. I got mine at Trader Joe’s for like 4 dollars and I’m happy with it.


Favourite Fashion Object: I’m still obsessed with my cape. That thing is everything and my youth group girls are deciding what it should be called. I’m currently obsessed with chunky sweatshirts and this one caught my eye. I wish I had an unlimited clothing budget.


Favourite Picture/Quote: I don’t like to associate myself with foolish men, so if you are of that kind…I know that the blood of Jesus is protecting me from you. So shout out to the Nigerian men that I know who are not agents of the devil, I appreciate you. To those of you who are…may God deal with you 🙂


I hope your week is fantastic!


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