Monday Favourites!

Weekly Favourites

Happy Friday! Can you believe we’re almost out of November? This year is flying by way too fast. I love November because it means that my Christmas obsession can begin with less judgement. Bring on the Christmas movies and the Christmas music. It’s been uncharacteristically warm in Minnesota. I’m not complaining though because that means no snow on the ground and less layers! I know that that will end soon and hibernation will begin.

It suddenly hit me that doing my Favourites at the end of the week was better, plus I have every other Friday off, so I can accomplish more. Here are some Faves😉

Favourite Song: I’m shocked that I like this Justin Bieber album, I’ve always acknowledged that he has catchy songs but this entire album is really good. This song is one of my favorites

Favourite Video: yes Missy is back and she hits that shoki like she’s been doing it for years. I’m glad that she hasn’t changed her style!

Favourite Fashion: I love high tops, you can rock them with dresses and with jeans. Dress them up, dress them down, you’ll be comfortable.

Favourite Product:

I have incredibly oily skin. I’m talking about skin that could be used to fry food for the entire twin cities. I’ve been on the pursuit for a good primer and I heard of milk of magnesia. The internet can’t decide if it’s good for long term use, so I’ve been leery about using it as a primer. What I’ve learned though is that it is a great treatment for pimples. Suprisingly I don’t break out with my oily skin but when I have an ugly zit, I just apply it on the spot and go to sleep, and then the next morning the thing has gone back from where it came.

Favourite Picture: not all the time memes, sometimes pretty pictures. I dream of owning a home with lights decorating it like these. 

Least Favourite: I’m not sure if people don’t know that articles have dates but a lot of people have been posting articles that happened last year and earlier in the year as if they’re current.  Social media amnesia is real and causes panic. It’s sad to see how uninformed we are about what it going on in the world around us. In London people seemed to know their world affairs very well (I even got into a debate about healthcare with a stranger on the street) but in the US, it feels like no one pays attention. 

Of course we continue to pray for Lebanon, France, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Mali and any where else that terror likes to rear its ugly head in. Terrorists are cowards who are only trying to make the world live in fear and we can’t allow that. They spread hate with the hopes that we will hate like they do, don’t fall for it. Prayers to the families who have loved their lost ones in all of this as well.


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